Unread Letter to Reo-ppoi Radio

On 20 November 2013, I submitted this letter to Reo-ppoi Radio in response to a query from Anzu Hana regarding yuri couples in American media. Episode 75 was released on 7 March 2014, and my letter has not yet been read four months after submission, so I have concluded that they have decided not to feature it on the show. Should this change, this letter will be posted to Petals’ Garden. The letter has been translated to Japanese by Kuma Ichigoh.


杏花さん、ぽいちゃ! またクレイグ・ドンソンです。




最後に、未瑛さんの英語が非常に優れているのを聞いて、私はたいへんに驚きました! 私は、その花のキャストの誰かが英語を話せればいいなあと思っていました。ですが、それが雫 (外国語がダメダメという設定で知られる) とは思いもよりませんでした……。



Anzu Hana-san, ぽいちゃ! It’s Craig Donson again.

A few months ago, you asked about what the ideal American yuri couple would be like. This is what I found.

Yuri is a Japanese product, so any country that would imitate it would be inspired by Japanese couples. American fans adopt parts of Japanese yuri that they like, so American yuri couples would be very similar to Japanese ones.

I don’t know what the ideal American yuri couple would look like, but I discussed your question with a friend and we concluded that it would probably be similar to Mai and Reo. Mai is strong, independent, capable, and confident, which are all qualities prized in America. Reo doesn’t give as much consideration to social status or politeness as most Japanese people, which Americans also find relatable. The tension between these qualities is very entertaining to American audiences, so an ideal couple would have a similar contrast.

I hope this answers your question. I’m still working hard on expanding your kingdom overseas, and I appreciate your continued support.

Lastly, I was very surprised to hear that Mi Ei-san is very good at English! I had hoped that someone in the Sonohana cast would be able to speak English, but I didn’t guess it would be Shizuku, who is known to be very bad at foreign languages…

Craig Donson

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