Regarding Personal Opinions

In the extended period that Cray’s Notes and Petals’ Garden was offline, I considered the purpose of this site and its relative disuse compared to the latter. I opened this blog as a personal site initially for me to share personal posts, but I also intended to use it to share my opinions of A Kiss For The Petals outside of Petals’ Garden, which I aim to keep a portal for news, and to that end, mostly free of my opinions on the series itself. To date, I’ve yet to actually do this.

As the sole writer for Petals’ Garden and an editor on most of the English translations, I am aware that I have an elevated position in the A Kiss For The Petals fanbase. Because of this, I’ve kept my opinions to myself, such as which couple is my favorite, in the interest of neutrality. While I have posted speculation and commentary on product announcements and comments directed to me on Reo-ppoi Radio, I have hesitated on making any statements that could be taken as endorsement or disapproval of any particular character, product, or individual, for fear that I would be influencing the fanbase in a way I would like to avoid. I do have my preferences, as all fans do, but I don’t want readers to take away any kind of bias from my posts on Petals’ Garden, as I believe all parts of the franchise deserve equal representation insofar as Fuguriya and Yurin Yurin give it themselves.

However, I feel that it is already clear that Petals’ Garden is fully independent on Cray’s Notes, even though the reverse is not true and both are written by me. In the near future, I will begin to share my own commentary on A Kiss For The Petals here without regard for bias. I may also begin writing supplementary posts for those posted to Petals’ Garden with my own comments. These posts will be even more subjective in nature than, for example, the character analysis I posted in January 2012, and some of these posts will include non-worksafe images, but they will be hidden under well-labeled links. Petals’ Garden will remain work-safe for all viewers as always, but as this is a personal blog (and a self-hosted one), I feel that the same restriction needs not apply here. Having worked on translations for this franchise for more than three years, I have formed what I feel are some radical opinions on it, and I look forward to the response to them on this safe haven.

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