Tights Day 2017

Tights Day took place on 2 November 2017. As with previous years, a number of artists shared their illustrations of women in tights on Twitter throughout the day using the hashtag “#タイツの日.” For my own part, I made 622 tweets starting from 11:00 AM EDT on 1 November, which was midnight on 2 November in Japan, until 2:00 PM the following day.

For this year’s occasion, noted artist ぐらんで “Grande”  (Twitter: @gggrandePixiv) shared an updated infographic detailing “The Best Parts About Tights.” Now in its third edition, “Tights Have All These Good Points!” is far more comprehensive than previous years and covers specific components of the female legs and feet with Grande’s opinions on how their appeal is enhanced by tights across four pages. It includes nearly all information from the 2016 revision with new illustrations. It has been translated by Ralen.

“I’ve compiled everything I consider appealing about tights into four pages, along with illustrations.
Help me spread the good word about tights!
And a happy Tights Day to you all.”

The fourth image above features Lonyan on the left, one of Grande’s original characters, though without her dress. Described as a personification of tights, her name is taken from the Japanese pronunciation of nylon, nairon, with the letters rearranged to ro-nian.

Also of interest is Grande’s ongoing series “Pittari Girls,” which showcases all of these points in varying ways via (at present) three girls who wear tights as often as possible. The primary character of that series, Ashida Machi, is shown in the first image above. Other characters in the series include Machi’s classmate, Ooashi Ran, and illustrator/writer Yogiashi Touka. The characters of “Pittari Girls” are featured in an upcoming doujinshi by Grande titled Iroashi Girls, meaning “colored leg girls.”

2017 saw the emergence of multiple trends in the portrayal of tights, as well as greater prevalence of female character designs that include tights in popular, highly visible media. It is now common for ensembles of characters that include multiple female characters to have at least one of them in tights.

The following is a list of characters that are known for wearing tights and are commonly illustrated by artists in tights fandom. It is neither exhaustive nor comprehensive and will be updated regularly.

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The Best Parts About Tights

2 November was “Tights Day” (タイツの日), a “holiday” imagined by the Japanese clothing manufacturer M&M Socks Co., Ltd. According to their explanation, Tights Day falls on 2/11 as the number 11 resembles a pair (of tights), as does the number 2. November is also the time when women begin wearing tights in greater frequency, although it can be argued that it is actually much sooner.

I am contrite to admit that I was unaware of this holiday until the closing hours of the 2015 occasion.

A number of artists shared their illustrations of women in tights on Twitter throughout the day using the hashtag “#タイツの日.” One of the most poignant illustrations was a diagram by ぐらんで “Grande” (Twitter: @gggrande, Pixiv) pointing out “the best parts about tights.” Originally published on 19 April 2015, it details, in Grande’s opinion, the most appealing aspects of tights and how they enhance the appearance of the legs, and by extension, the wearer. Ralen was gracious enough to provide a translation. It is republished with permission from the artist.

The Best Parts About Tights by Grande

I have written about what I find appealing in tights in the past, but I have never been able to do so with a purpose-built visual aid such as this. Many of the points above echo what I’ve written in past articles, so I would like to add new findings and amendments to those thoughts here.

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A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met: Editor’s Corner Unabridged

On 25 September 2015, I announced my involvement as overseer of the English localization of A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met on the MangaGamer staff blog. Prior to that date, I withheld information about my work on the project due to my own belief that my history with the fan translations would have caused a conflict of interest. I used the skills I developed over many years working on fan translations to develop the English-language version in secret. However, I later learned that my presence in fact encouraged St. Michael Girls’ School to move forward with the license. With that assurance, I wrote the above article detailing my views and history with the franchise, and I will be able to discuss them much more openly in the future.

Due to the nature of the partnership between MangaGamer and St. Michael Girls’ School, details on previous releases from Fuguriya and Yurin Yurin, as well as the fan translation efforts, cannot be discussed in an official capacity. This is an unabridged version of my Editor’s Corner post with information on those topics. A complete listing of individuals who worked on the translation patches is located at the bottom of this article.

The following is the opinion of the author and does not reflect the views of MangaGamer or any other third party.

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Apparel For The Petals, Part 2

Notice: This post is solely the opinion of the author and includes images that are not safe for work.

When I shared a set of explicit scenes of A Kiss For The Petals recolored to appear that the girls were wearing tights, I was unsure of the reaction it would get. I tailored them to appeal to my preferences, which I doubted any of my readers shared. To my surprise, it not only got feedback both on and off the site, but it was all positive. This was a fortunate turn of events for me, knowing that the popularity of tights has been increasing in recent years, most notably in anime series with ensembles that include at least one female character in tights. I expressed hope in my previous post that this will extend to later installments of A Kiss For The Petals, and with the introduction of The New Generation, Manami and Rina reintroduces them to the cast. I now hope, somewhat unrealistically, that this will also extend to the new love scenes as well. As seen in the image from Beloved Photograph above, even images with a small area to recolor can be affected significantly.

Before I continue, I feel that I should clarify exactly what I mean by “tights” for the purpose of these posts. I refer only to waist-to-toe unbroken nylon legwear of a single color, not fishnets or otherwise patterned. The sheer colors referred to as pantyhose also qualify, but I use the term “tights” to specifically refer to more opaque legwear and to also include colors other than brown, white, and black. The more of the leg is shown, the greater the appeal. Other skin-tight clothing, such as latex bodysuits and spandex, do not necessarily qualify, as they are often footless. Tights affect the feet the greatest, so it’s natural that feet are seldom seen in tights. Any damage to the tights negates all effects they have.

With these images, I’ve expanded the range to experiment with more colors and thread densities (denier). The below links are not safe for work.

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Apparel for the Petals

Notice: This post is solely the opinion of the author and includes images that are not safe for work.

When the character profiles for A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight were released, a trend became immediately apparent to me in the lack of variety in the legwear among the primary cast. More than half of the characters wear black socks. Rikka’s white socks stand out, even though white socks are very common in other settings. While the visual novels proper seldom show the characters below the knees, the effort taken to render the characters’ legs in the full-body profiles for the website reveals conscious character design decisions that were repeated many times over. The casual attires show more variety, but it’s the school uniforms that get the most exposure.

One can read different impressions of a single character when they wear multiple different garments on their legs, be it socks, thigh-high stockings, tights, nothing, or anything in between. There is some variety in A Kiss For The Petals, but only in length — those who don’t wear ankle-high socks instead wear thigh-high socks, all in black, with few exceptions: Yuuna, who until Snow White’s Knight wore tights, Nanami, who wore off-white thigh-highs until she switched to black in Snow White’s Knight, Takako, who alternates arbitrarily between tights and socks, Rena, who wore tights in her unfortunately short teaching stint at St. Michael’s, and Rikka, as noted above who wears plain white socks. I believe that attention to the types of legwear the characters wear can help to express different degrees of femininity, and yet many characters here use the same choices. To use Rikka as an example, her character profile paints her as protective, and her white socks adds an extra sense of purity and youthfulness to that which suggests she is not as formal as her new peers. As school uniforms are constant above the waist, the dearth of legwear types throughout the main cast needlessly limits the possibilities for varied expression.

I was unsatisfied with this pattern, and out of curiosity, I set out to see how different lengths and colors would compare using Photoshop. Before long, it turned into something different. To put it simply, I got carried away. EV13

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Regarding Personal Opinions

In the extended period that Cray’s Notes and Petals’ Garden was offline, I considered the purpose of this site and its relative disuse compared to the latter. I opened this blog as a personal site initially for me to share personal posts, but I also intended to use it to share my opinions of A Kiss For The Petals outside of Petals’ Garden, which I aim to keep a portal for news, and to that end, mostly free of my opinions on the series itself. To date, I’ve yet to actually do this.

As the sole writer for Petals’ Garden and an editor on most of the English translations, I am aware that I have an elevated position in the A Kiss For The Petals fanbase. Because of this, I’ve kept my opinions to myself, such as which couple is my favorite, in the interest of neutrality. While I have posted speculation and commentary on product announcements and comments directed to me on Reo-ppoi Radio, I have hesitated on making any statements that could be taken as endorsement or disapproval of any particular character, product, or individual, for fear that I would be influencing the fanbase in a way I would like to avoid. I do have my preferences, as all fans do, but I don’t want readers to take away any kind of bias from my posts on Petals’ Garden, as I believe all parts of the franchise deserve equal representation insofar as Fuguriya and Yurin Yurin give it themselves.

However, I feel that it is already clear that Petals’ Garden is fully independent on Cray’s Notes, even though the reverse is not true and both are written by me. In the near future, I will begin to share my own commentary on A Kiss For The Petals here without regard for bias. I may also begin writing supplementary posts for those posted to Petals’ Garden with my own comments. These posts will be even more subjective in nature than, for example, the character analysis I posted in January 2012, and some of these posts will include non-worksafe images, but they will be hidden under well-labeled links. Petals’ Garden will remain work-safe for all viewers as always, but as this is a personal blog (and a self-hosted one), I feel that the same restriction needs not apply here. Having worked on translations for this franchise for more than three years, I have formed what I feel are some radical opinions on it, and I look forward to the response to them on this safe haven.