Apparel For The Petals, Part 2

Notice: This post is solely the opinion of the author and includes images that are not safe for work.

When I shared a set of explicit scenes of A Kiss For The Petals recolored to appear that the girls were wearing tights, I was unsure of the reaction it would get. I tailored them to appeal to my preferences, which I doubted any of my readers shared. To my surprise, it not only got feedback both on and off the site, but it was all positive. This was a fortunate turn of events for me, knowing that the popularity of tights has been increasing in recent years, most notably in anime series with ensembles that include at least one female character in tights. I expressed hope in my previous post that this will extend to later installments of A Kiss For The Petals, and with the introduction of The New Generation, Manami and Rina reintroduces them to the cast. I now hope, somewhat unrealistically, that this will also extend to the new love scenes as well. As seen in the image from Beloved Photograph above, even images with a small area to recolor can be affected significantly.

Before I continue, I feel that I should clarify exactly what I mean by “tights” for the purpose of these posts. I refer only to waist-to-toe unbroken nylon legwear of a single color, not fishnets or otherwise patterned. The sheer colors referred to as pantyhose also qualify, but I use the term “tights” to specifically refer to more opaque legwear and to also include colors other than brown, white, and black. The more of the leg is shown, the greater the appeal. Other skin-tight clothing, such as latex bodysuits and spandex, do not necessarily qualify, as they are often footless. Tights affect the feet the greatest, so it’s natural that feet are seldom seen in tights. Any damage to the tights negates all effects they have.

With these images, I’ve expanded the range to experiment with more colors and thread densities (denier). The below links are not safe for work.

  • Mai and Reo
    This image is my favorite of this set. The powder blue color on Reo was a suggestion from a reader, which highlights her youthfulness and contrasts against the mature brown on Mai. This contrast, added to the position the two are in, somewhat redefines this scene.
  • Shizuku and Eris
    I was unable to redress Eris in this image, but Shizuku in a submissive position is made to look more so in white tights. Although I used the same color in the previous post, the purity symbolized by the white tights is greater here, due in part to the different lighting.
  • Takako and Runa 1
    Takako and Runa are perhaps most affected when in tights. I used a similar brown on Runa to make her appear more mature, and the gray on Takako is from her regular wardrobe. The soles of Runa’s feet are clearly visible here, which is a rarity in the love scenes I’d like to see more often. I invite commenters to give their opinions on this and how the tights amplify their appeal.
  • Kaede and Sara
    As I wrote in the previous post, Kaede wore tights in her original design. After Kaede changes to become more assertive in her advances on Sara, her personality changes almost entirely. I used brown here once again to maximize her maturity, and white on Sara for similar reasons to Shizuku.
  • Nanami and Yuuna
    Yuuna’s character significantly shifts with each successive visual novel, and by Snow White’s Knight, she wears the same length of socks as the majority of the cast, which I feel detracts from her background as a daughter of affluence. In this image, I did a bold experiment with two complementing opaque colors. These colors are not uncommon in fashion, but it took me a good deal of effort to achieve an acceptable contrast.
  • Takako and Runa 2
    This is a counterpart to the previous image of Takako and Runa, reversing both the position and the maturities. Here, Runa wears a very feminine pink, giving her a innocent, youthful quality quite unlike the maturity of the deep brown. Takako’s tights are a similar gray as before, but as the more muted color, it comes off as more grown-up in this image.

I would like to point out that I am not the only A Kiss For The Petals fan who is at least unopposed to more tights. A fan edited an image of Risa and Miya to change them to resemble Madoka and Homura of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, complete with Homura’s tights. As of this writing, I have been unable to determine who created the below image.

Risa and Miya cosplaying as Madoka and Homura. Note the altered bustlines.

In addition, in 2013, I inadvertently introduced a focus on tights to a recurring segment on Reo-ppoi Radio, the Yuri Goddess. The show called for physical traits from A Kiss For The Petals character to be combined into a goddess of yuri, and my contribution was Yuuna’s tights. I did not expect entries to be attributed to submitters, and when I was revealed to be a fan of them, I decided there was no reason to conceal it. In episode 81, released 15 June of this year, three fan renditions of the Yuri Goddess as it was finalized were presented on the show. I had a direct influence on the fanart of multiple Japanese listeners, and to this day I am still not fully appreciative of that fact. These images have not been published outside of the show, so the below images are the best quality available.

Yuri Goddess 1Yuri Goddess 2 Yuri Goddess 3

With the increasing popularity of both yuri and tights–particularly black tights–in recent years, I wrote these posts in the hope that they will be combined more frequently, which will hopefully in turn result in tights introduced in love scenes. There are a small number of artists that specialize in tights, but it is still exceedingly rare that they create yuri work. Very few yuri works that include tights that are not removed, damaged, or otherwise excluded in the sex scenes exist. I will continue with these image edits for as long as this persists, and I may have to expand outside of A Kiss For The Petals to do so, and of course if there is demand for it.

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