Anzu Hana Live Broadcast 22 December 2014 (Updated 31 December 2014)

Update 31 December 2014: A recording of the broadcast has been uploaded. Please see this post on Petals’ Garden for the response.

At 8:00 P.M. Japan time (6:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time) on 22 December 2014, Anzu Hana hosted a live broadcast on Niconico via St. Michael Girls’ School’s account. Although it was announced several days in advance by Anzu Hana on Twitter, I heard about it only hours before it was to take place, and the only information I had learned about it was that listener messages would be accepted to a special e-mail address to potentially be read on the show. I had not even gathered what the schedule was for that show. Before I slept that night, I wrote this letter to inform other listeners about the international following for A Kiss For The Petals and to thank Anzu Hana for the CDs she had autographed for me. It was translated by Kuma Ichigo.

ごきげんよう、杏花さん! クレイグ・ドンソンです。



私はまた、Girls Love Festivalに参加した私の友人を通じてあなたにサインしていただいたCDについて、感謝したいと思います。CDが手許に届くのを待ちきれません。

ええと。生放送についてこれ以上いうことを思いつきません: がんばれください!(原文ママ)



Hello, Anzu Hana-san! It’s Craig Donson, here to say that I am asleep as you are reading this.

On the behalf of your fans throughout the world, congratulations on the launch of St. Michael Girls’ School and all the new couples and stories! As you know, I have been hard at work spreading the news to fans with the help of passionate translators from all over the world. The Kingdom of Reo will surely engulf the planet, and I, your humble servant, will personally see it through to the ends of the earth. Do not underestimate the passion of international fans!

I would also like to thank you for the CDs you signed for me through my friend who attended Girls Love Festival. He is currently flying back to America. I cannot wait to have the CDs in my hands at last.

Um. I can’t think of anything more to say for the show, so: がんばれください!

Craig Donson

I sent this message immediately before going to sleep, and the morning after, I had realized that in my haste to prepare this letter, I had entirely neglected to inform any of my readers about the opportunity to write to the show and to take measures to record the show to hear the response. I learned that my letter was read, but the response to it was not recorded. I had wrongly assumed that all Niconico live streams are archived for later viewing. This was not the case with this particular showing. The reply to my letter is now lost to me.

I apologize to my readers who would have liked to write in, and I will make a greater effort to follow through on correspondence for future live shows.

3 thoughts on “Anzu Hana Live Broadcast 22 December 2014 (Updated 31 December 2014)”

  1. If you ‘time-shift’ a live broadcast, you can watch it again at a later date. The only difficulty in this case would be finding someone who time-shifted the video already, since you cannot do this after the live event, unless you are a premium user. You can then use (various methods) to download the video.

    I would make a nico-nico account if you haven’t already just to time-shift future videos. If you really want you could make or borrow a premium account to get the video (just check that what I said is actually possible first before spending money though :S).

    All of this information I have either read online somewhere or had from my firsthand experience of timeshifting one live broadcast ever, so it may not be 100% correct.

  2. Usually you can timeshift live videos, but for some reason they disabled it? well if they do allow timeshifting, you can watch the video after the specified time, and download it using (various methods). Timeshifting is free, and sometimes you can timeshift even after the event if you have a premium account.

    for reference, this was the video’s address:

    1. Timeshifting was disallowed on this video as, according to Kuma Ichigo, the hosts’ faces were shown on camera and cannot be shared for privacy reasons. I was unaware that there would even be a video element in this show.

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