Anonymous asks: How did you end up being an Editor for the English Translations of Sono Hanabira?

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In March 2010, I discovered an English translation for My Dear Prince by Kamyu Aaru and shijima that was approximately half completed. At the time, the translation had stalled, but at the same time, I had come across tools dedicated to editing the visual novels created by Proger_XP. Inspired by the success of Count Pacula’s prior translation of the first A Kiss For The Petals visual novel in February 2010, I took it upon myself to finish their work with my own abilities in text and image editing and contacted the translators to complete the script. I offered to proofread their work and edit the graphics in order to minimize their workload. I learned NSIS scripting for the express purpose of automating the file patching process and released the first version of the translation on 9 January 2011.

The success of that release attracted other translators for the following visual novels, some of whom came directly to me to begin new translations. For those groups that began their own projects independently, I came to them and offered my support for all editing tasks so that they can focus solely on the translation, and as of August 2014, eight visual novel translations had been released with my support. I now supervise all translation projects for this series at Yuri Project, where in January 2012, the four translation projects I was working on at the time — Whisper With A Kiss, Dyed With An Angel’s Petals, Sweet Grown-up Kisses, and Lily Platinum — were migrated and made open for everyone to contribute, whereas my past projects were kept closed out of misguided concerns that doing so will attract undue pressure from the translations’ audience.

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