Anonymous asks: Is Anzu Hana really her actual name?

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Ok, I know it’s mentioned before, but is Anzu Hana really her actual name? What else does she play as? I heard that she plays Squid Girl, but I could be wrong. What’s your opinion on her?

Performers in adult-oriented media almost always use aliases. It is unlikely that Anzu Hana is her legal name. Her website and her Japanese Wikipedia entry have more information about her work.

The Squid Girl is voiced by Kanemoto Hisako, who is not the same person.

I am impressed at the amount of dedication she has shown to A Kiss For The Petals since she became a part of it in 2007’s Joined in Love with You. She has performed many of its theme songs, played two characters, hosted Reo-ppoi Radio for over three years, released four CDs under her name through Fuguriya, and held her own fan event at Girls Love Festival on 2 March 2014. That said, I have not yet worked out a means to establish regular correspondence with her over the radio, as she has not responded to any of my letters on the show since October 2013.

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